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I knew I could count on you all to bring the love on short notice!  In fact, you brought over 300 more words of adoration for your fellow ficcers than you did last year! Let's hear it for breaking records and not hearts!

Thanks to each and every one of you for participating.  These are the perfect snack to go along with the My Slashy Valentine stories which your Slashy Mod red_lasbelin will be serving up today.  A veritable feast of fondness!

If anyone is friends with erobey, please let her know that she has a valentine-- apparently her journal has been deleted. :(
If anyone is friends with stephaniemarsh, please let her know she has a valentine-- her privacy settings prevent non-friends from messaging her.

And now, without further ado... Here we go!
A-E below

(F - K)

(L - R)

(S - Z)




  • Sometimes in life a very special person comes around, a friend, a sister, a second side of oneself. You are that and more to me and I feel very fortunate to have you as a friend.


  • You set the example for the rest of us for how to live a life of love, compassion, and charity.

  • Thank you for being there everyday, for your sage advice and for the gift of your friendship. I love you!

  • Your warmth and generosity is an inspiration to me.

  • Thanks, Mama Agie, for taking such good care of all of us.

  • You are a sweet lady who gives love and caring everyone around you. Today I'm blowing some love and kisses right back to you. XXX

  • You are a kind heart and I wish you only the best.

  • Your kindness is an example for us all.

  • Thank you for your kindness in putting up the prayer list and keeping track of everyone’s life trials.  You are wonderful.

  • Thanks for all you do for others. Thanks for your post every week for thoughts and prayers for others. You are a good friend and a great cat momma!

  • you always think of others before you think of yourself. Maintaining your Prayer List during some really trying times in your own life is one example of this.

  • You make lovely tags and icons and you are doing wonderful work with your prayer list. You are a lovely, big-hearted, generous person and I am pleased to be your friend.

  • you are part of the heart of our fandom and very much loved!


  • Thank you for continuing to be a presence in the fandom and host all of our stories!

  • “Friend” is not a strong enough word for you, as you are family. I love you! And here is a really lovely quote for you from Trenton Lee Stewart, who I admittedly did not know until I googled him: “You must remember, family
    is often born of blood, but it doesn't depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.”

  • Thank you for always sticking up for what’s right.

  • you do so much to keep our corner of the Tolkien fandom alive with things like the archive and the Big Bang, and it's always so much appreciated.

  • you're such a wonderful supporter of fandom and have always provided a great home for the work of all of us who write in the Tolkien fandom. Thank you, Alex.


  • At first, I was simply in awe of your amazing writing, but the more I get to know you, the more I'm also in awe of what a wonderful, caring person you are.


  • More than once your calmness and sage advise, but that sense of humour helped me putting things into perspective more than once. Thank you so much!


  • Thank you for your support when I needed it.


  • I admire you for always being positive and kind.


  • I love your generosity, talent and sense of humour. Your graphics are fantastic, as are you :D I am so pleased that we are friends.


  • To my crazy wonderful friend, sending a hot elf your way!  I hope you have a very good time on Valentine's Day (or whenever you wish to enjoy his elven ... um ... assets).

  • Crisp fir and pine branches, highlighted with ferns and white birch twigs in a silver vase.  This is Binka, sprite of the deep European woods.  Primal and sophisticated at once.  Beleg writer extraordinaire.  You make me believe he still dwells in the primeval forest.


  • Thank you for all that you do for this fandom!

  • You deserve joy and good things! Best of luck with your dissertation! The end is nigh!

  • Thank you for understanding.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is that someone gets it. :)


  • I really enjoy your creativity and energy! Heggs and all!

  • You make even RL sound way more interesting than it is. Thank you for sharing yours!!!

  • I love your sense of humor and positive outlook. You're awesome!

  • I love your sense of humour and the fun you’ve injected into the fandom. And a huge thank you for running your fabulous Slash Awards again!

  • Hugs to the Queen of Cliffhangers (to be bestowed by a troop of hot nekkid elves with decadent chocolate to add a bit of yummy goodness)!

  • You always make me laugh.

  • Your stories are unique in the fandom. I’m always impressed with your creativity, your sense of humor and for being so darn prolific. Even typing with one hand didn’t slow you down.  I recently heard about a strange cloud of butterflies arising from Kensington Gardens in the middle of a snowstorm, if you can imagine.  

  • You are an amazing person: strong willed and with a delightful sense of humour that I do admire so much. Thank you for your support and friendship.

  • I love how smart, wise, funny, and decent you always are.


  • Good friend, whose generosity knows no bounds. Talented jewelry maker. Wicked sense of humor. Excellent taste in man-flesh, and does so enjoy sharing her male finds with the rest of us.

  • You are such a good friend and special lady! You deserve all the best on Valentine's Day, so sending visions of elven eye candy your way!

  • Thanks for being such a great friend! Thanks for being there for me. You make me laugh and I love your history posts! You are a great mom and a beautiful vibrant woman! And you have a great eye for manflesh!

  • so prolific, such an imagination, intelligent, funny, discreet and always interesting.  


  • You've been an outstanding friend and so helpful over the years. As one of the more outstanding writers I've met on the boards, I hope you're having success with your education and can, sometimes, still kick back by
    writing a chapter or two of your fantastical creations.


  • You are a great asset to the Tolkien fandom. I really appreciate all your hard work for BTME.

  • I’m amazed and humbled at how much you do, working as a teacher, taking classes, writing, and running the SWG.  I’m always impressed by your level-headedness in dealing with problems. Thank you for making the SWG
    such a wonderful community for our Silm fics, for your creativity in running B2MeM. The Bingo game was great fun (although I confess I still have some bingo cards I’ve got to write).   

  • You're one of the nicest people I know, on or off the internet. Just knowing you're part of my fandom makes me happy.

  • You're a witty writer and a wonderful woman.

  • I could go on and on about what an excellent writer you are, or how many important contributions you have made and continue to make to this fandom, but one thing stands out above all: you are an Exemplary Human Being. Thank you for all that you do, both in our little world here, and in the wider one out there.

  • You are a wonderful friend.

  • You are incredibly friendly and welcoming to new fans, and I really admire the work you do in your offline life.

  • You're the only Hermoine figure that I can count amongst my friends, but your drive to get things done and your enthusiasm always cheers me up and your support always lifts me up.

  • Deep green ivy, rosemary, sage, and wild roses in a rare Medieval vase, because you are a rare bird with a sideways brain. A superlative ambassador for Tolkien fandom, and also literary temptress who entices the innocent into the more heretical end of the Tolkien fanfic pool. Wicked smart and funny as all get-out, too.  Watch out for bees.


  • You are also incredibly intelligent, most witty, and a great new-found friend.


  • You do so much for the Tolkien fandom and make everyone feel welcome. You deserve all the happiness you share.

  • Thank you for contributing so much time, energy, and enthusiasm to our little world here! You truly make it a brighter place!

  • Sunflowers, pink hollyhocks, blue cornflowers in a Mason jar.  Warm, accessible, and friendly, like the scent of snickerdoodles baking in the oven, and with a wealth of wisdom from Star Trek to Tolkien.  A walking, talking gateway drug to hobbitism.  Passionate about those halflings, oh, yes, she is, this channeler of Bilbo Baggins and the amazing Trotter


  • Thank-you for all the support you give fanfic writers. It is more appreciated than you probably realize.


  • I love your sense of humour and your ability to see right to the heart of what you have read. I am so pleased that we are friends.


  • I am really glad we are friends and appreciate getting to know you.

  • You are a sweet person.


  • You have a true and enviable talent. You have given Tolkien fanfiction some wonderful stories.

  • It’s been an extremely tough year for you and I so much admire your courage in dealing with all that.

  • It’s great news for your readers that you managed to write a SV story nonetheless and I am really looking forward to reading it! And I hope we will see more of Sula & Co., too, when you feel ready for them.

  • Words like gracious, thoughtful, and amazing don't begin to do you justice. You're one in a million.

  • You are beautiful, resilient, graceful, gracious, kind, loyal... and you have so much strenght.  I hold you in awe for so many reasons.  I can only hope the universe will grant you some much-needed kindness and rest
    this year

  • I think you are one of the nicest people in the Silm fandom.

  • You are an inspiration and a fabulous writer. Thanks for being you.

  • You are most gracious and brave.

  • love the worlds you create and the way you bring characters to life,  your intelligence, generosity and kindness.

  • Beautiful writer.

  • I could say that you're a wonderful writer, but that seems inadequate. You're a wonderful woman, a great mom, and a most talented author.

  • A warm wonderful woman who had more than her fair share of life's hardships during the past year, and who showed and continues to show such remarkable strength throughout. Here's to your humor, your creativity, and your affection. All appreciated so much. Not to mention fabulous entertainment in the form of your writing, from original to fan fic. Sûla and Tigôn! Best young Second Age couple ever! Fëanor/Manwë - whoddathunkit? Worked for me and how! Glorfindel and Erestor with a side of first rate sushi (Ossë!)

  • You are a true hero. Not Legolas, not Finrod, not Beleg either. You - strong, wise, kind, and generous. ❤ ♡ ❤


  • Here is a big hug, a huge smile and warm wishes!


  • My dear friend and stargazer, you never fail to pull me out of my introspection and show me the vast galaxies awaiting my exploration. I look forward to sharing more of your life experiences over the next year.


  • You are so much more amazing than you give yourself credit for. <3

  • Thank you for being such a star.

  • I love your Haldir. I would like him to come out more often. :D


  • Congrats on getting your first story published!  I wish you more success both with your writing and your art.


  • I adore your stories, whether fanfic or your original fics. May you continue writing for many years to come!

  • your stories have touched me deeply. I wish you continued success.


  • Always knows how to make me feel better. Even though we’ve never met, I feel like I could count on you if I needed you. Excellent writer, lover of all things furry and fan of redheads. What’s not to love?


  • You have such a great imagination and your fics are so well written they transport me into the story. Your writing is an inspiration to me.


  • Beautiful heart, beautiful mind, beautiful friend. You are so much stronger than you think you are.

  • SO proud of you this year for all you have accomplished!! Even though work seems kind of sucky, hang in there. It will get better, I promise. Such a sweet, kind, funny and FUN friend. I miss talking to you.

  • Sending you a big hug and warm wishes on Valentine's Day!

  • I just love you to pieces!

  • you are a warm, hard working, beautiful person, a great mom and a good friend.


  • Your patience, kindness, and no-nonsense attitude always have me admiring the heck out of you. You're the perfect balance of a great generosity of spirit and caring firmness.


  • Your work is still being read, and is still amazing. I am sure I speak for all of your LJ friend list when I say, 'We miss you!'

  • I’ve missed seeing you around on lj and Faerie. I love your writing and sense of humour. I hope to see you back here soon.


  • Your boundless energy and enthusiasm are so infectious! I'm so glad you're part of the fandom.

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