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Kenaz's Big Fiction Index

Note: Ionnath-Estel (The Sons of Hope) is currently offline for completion and revisions.



Multi-Part Stories

Stand-alone stories, ficlets and Drabbles


- T O R C H W O O D -

  • Conjunction: Tosh, The Doctor. PG. ~2000 words

  • Keep Calm and Carry On: Team Torchwood & John Hart. Sex, violence, general hijinks. WIP.

  • Lacunae: Jack/Ianto, PG-13, ~5000 words.

  • Preterite: The Perfect Past: Jack-Ianto genfic, PG, 325 words.

  • The Principia Tescordia: Teamfic, dodgy humor and language, PG-13, 13,000 words.

  • The Emperor's New Clothes: John Hart, R for explicit sex (het). 1500 words.

  • Drabbles: Various characters and pairings; various ratings.

    Odds and Ends

    • Bluebeard/ Le Barbe Bleu - Blueblood: A modern retelling. R. 6300 words.

    • Duran Duran, New Moon on Monday (Video) - Satellites: AU "John Taylor"/"Simon Le Bon" slash based on characters from the video (almost-but-not-quite RPS), R, 9k words

    • Nightrunner - Masks: Seregil/Wythrin slash, R. 938 words.

    • Swordspoint - Perquisites of Power: Alec and Diane Tremontaine, gen, PG-13, 3400 words.

    • Thomas Dolby, Airwaves (Song/Video) - Signal To Noise: Genfic, PG-13, 2k words

    • Velvet Goldmine - Velveteen: Curt/Brian slash, R. 1641 words.

    Miscellaneous Tables and Challenges
    am slowly (very, VERY slowly) making progress on a variety of challenges. Individual fics have been listed above, and there is often some overlap, but for those of you who wish to see them in context, here's a list of the main tables for the challenges to which I have, however unwisely, committed myself.

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