Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,

Dear Trick or Treat Writer:

If it wasn't for these mini-exchanges, I'd never write anything!

Tropes/kinks I tend to like: angst, hurt/comfort, trust issues and/or jealousy, betrayal or perceived betrayal, altered states of the mind, unreliable narrators, mind control or mind games, friends-to-lovers, snark, court politics and intrigue, witty banter/snappy dialogue, redemtive arcs...and did I mention trust issues? Love those.

Tropes/kinks that are NOT my thing: mundane AU, high school/coffee shop AU, kidfic, gender swaps, unadulterated fluff and schmoop (though happy endings and happily-for-now are fine!), crack (unless specified for a specific prompt), extreme kink (unless specified for a specific prompt)

DNWs: underage, A/B/O stuff, scat or other bodily-function play (not under any circumstances, please!), graphic descriptions of torture/violence/gore/injury, mpreg, or grown-ass men acting like sulky teenage girls.

My requests...

Marvel Comics Universe
I'm fine with pretending Civil War didn't happen and extending The Search for Bucky Barnes that begins after Winter Soldier indefinitely. I'm new to the fandom so I'm not a stickler for canon.

Bucky & Natasha
I want to see Natasha trying to figure Bucky out, either post-Winter Soldier or pre/during Civil War. Your story does not have to comply with the Marvel Comics canon (i.e. The Winter Soldier and the Black Widow trained together and had a relationship in the USSR), but it can if you think it is useful. I am a Steve/Bucky shipper, so if you do want to use the Black Widow/Winter Soldier past relationship theme, please don't carry it into the present for this story as I'm much more interested in them trying to forge a friendship than a romantic relationship. Hey, I don't know... maybe Natasha has been carrying a torch for him but he's been wiped so many times he doesn't remember her and only remembers Steve... maybe she's convinced he's still trying to kill Steve because she knows what kind of things HYDRA and the Soviets did to people... anything exploring their tentative, awkward, suspicious dance toward friendship-- even if it doesn't quite get all the way to friendship-- is great!
Bucky & Thor or Steve & Thor or Steve & Bucky & Thor....BUDDYFIC!!! :D
C'mon, I mean... Thor is the epitome of Hail Fellow Well Met! The other Avengers might not be ready to trust Bucky, but Thor is totally willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and makes Grand Overtures of Friendship that poor, shell-shocked Bucky finds a little overwhelming. Or Thor wants to help Steve try and find Bucky and wants to understand their relationship. Or the three of them have an adventure! Maybe there's beer involved, or a pit stop at some weird roadside attraction/dive bar. It doesn't have to be crack (but in this case, it totally can be), I just dont want it to be angsty. Whatever the setting, I like my Thor to be amiable and magnanimous (if sometimes a little LOUD and OVER THE TOP), my Bucky to be "bloody-but-unbowed"-- he's broken, but not beyond fixing-- and my Steve to be a Good Man who's trying really hard to Do the Right Thing. This can be sometime post-Civil War or I'm happy to pretend Civil War didn't happen and have The Extended Search for Bucky Barnes that begins after Winter Soldier instead. I'm new to the fandom so I'm not a stickler for canon.  :)
Bucky / Brock Rumlow
Ok, I am *reeeeeallly* stepping out of my comfort zone for this one, but hey-- that's what these things are for, right? I guess what I'm aiming for is Brock trying to see just how compliant the Winter Soldier is. Maybe even seeing if he can get the Winter Soldier to... well...Bucky Barnes is still in there, though, and there's only so much a man can take before he snaps. Maybe he nearly kills Brock, maybe he turns the tables on him. Either way, Brock doesn't get what he wants. Or at least not enough of what he wants to justify the beating (or punishment from Pierce, or humilation, or whatever reckoning you choose) that he gets from it. PLEASE NOTE: Dub-con is obviously necessary, but please stop it short of rape. The Winter Soldier may feel like he has no choice but to obey an order, but Bucky's still in there somewhere, and frankly, he'd rather die fighting than let someone like Brock get what they want. Drugs, mind games/mind control, power dynamics, daddy kink...obviously this one goes to darker places than my other requests. Do what you need to do, short of rape and graphic descriptions of torture/violence/gore/injury.

Stranger Things
Adventurefic with the kids! I don't really have any preferences in this department-- write or create whatever you want. I love all the kids, but Dustin and Eleven are my particular favorites. I really haven't chased down fanwork in this fandom yet, other than seeing a few great pieces of fanart on Tumblr, so I really have no preconceived notions about what should be covered here, or any particular gaps that I want to see filled. And I don't have a personal headcanon-- I just like the kids a lot, and would like to see your interpretation of them, funny or scary, art or fic, adventure or character sketch. Anything goes!

The Simarilion
Something in Doriath or Gondolin. In Doriath, gen or Mablung/Beleg; in Gondolin, gen or Glorfindel/Ecthelion. Buddyfic, Battlefic, Adventurefic, TheEndIsNigh!Fic, Elven politicking and subtle machinations, courtly manners, character sketches, subtle foreshadowings of how things will end... really, anything goes here. You could also write other characters from Gondolin or Doriath if you prefer, even if they weren't nominated for this exchange (I won't tell!)... I just ask that Beleg/Turin *not* be the center of the story if you pair them at all. I feel like I've already read and written a lot in that direction, so would be interested in reading other things. No explicit sex in this fandom, please. R rating is fine.

I'm easy to please, so I'm sure I will be happy with anything you have to offer! :D
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