Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,

Sultry in September is here!

Aglarien wrote Travelers in the Wild for Ignoblebard
alexcat wrote Right on Target for phyncke
Amy Fortuna wrote Escape from Bondage for maitimiel
Amy Fortuna wrote Forging Victory for Scribe_of_Mirrormere
Angelstar3999 wrote Harvest Lyrics for Nuredhel
Azzy wrote A Game of Madmen for Memaizaka
BurningNightingale wrote No Armor Against Fate for moetushie
catalectic wrote Beings Brighter Than Have Been for Kalendeer
Chaotic_binky wrote Falling for You for Neiroel
Cirilla9 wrote The Elven Kings Under the Sky for alexcat
Deathangelgw wrote Silence at the Library for Mawgy
DaydreamBelieversDaughter wrote Spirits of Fire for Cirilla9
Elleth wrote And Last of All for The Wavesinger
Ignoblebard wrote Lovely, Dark and Deep for lynndyre
Jade/ElladansGirl wrote Planned Comfort for Angelstar3999
IdleLeaves wrote Full Circle for Marchwriter
just_jenni wrote For the Greater Good for mahmfic /MM8
Kalendeer wrote Souls of Cinder for Sleepless_Malice (this is an epic work in progress!)
Luxa wrote The Heat of a Common Room for Zinneth
lynndyre wrote A Foundation on Which to Build for Nuinzilien
mahmfic /MM8 wrote I've held many things in my hand, and have lost them all for monkiainen
maitimiel wrote A Forest Tale for Elleth
mangacrack wrote King's Landing for Azzy
Marchwriter West of the Dark, East of the Sun for just_jenni
Mawgy wrote I See You for Samtyr
Memaizaka wrote We Never Lost Control for DaydreamBelieversDaughter
monkiainen wrote Let's Walk Along the Wire for TAFKAB
Neiroel wrote Human Customs for Aglarien
Nuinzilien wrote Let Them Eat Cake for Luxa
Nuredhel wrote Wolves and Water for Jade/Elladansgirl
phyncke wrote Dead Man's Party for catalectic
samtyr wrote The Hidden Path for BurningNightingale
Scribe_of_Mirrormere wrote Hatching a Plan for Amy Fortuna
Sleepless_Malice wrote Metamorphoses for Urloth
TAFKAB wrote Well Met by Moonlight for Deathangelgw
Urloth wrote The Warmth He Gave for mangacrack
The Wavesinger wrote Aftermath for IdleLeaves
Zinneth wrote Ashes for Chaotic_binky

Welcome TAFKAB and Kalendeer to the Slashy Santa Swaps family!

Moetushie was unable to complete her assignment. Thank you, Amy Fortuna for stepping in to pinch hit!

Thanks for being a great bunch of enthusiastic participants-- please be sure to THANK YOUR WRITER and enjoy all the other wonderful stories written for Sultry in September!
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