Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,

OMG, I miss writing.
And I miss all of *YOU*. And being an active participant in Fandom.

SA and Botswana were amazing. Probably the most amazing thing I've ever done. I swam with my horse in a lake with hippos. I napped in a hammock while a bushbuck grazed at my feat and a vervet monkey threw pieces of bark at my head. I mean, COME ON. I got to recite Morning Resh on the edge of the earth at sunrise, and drink gin and tonics in the company of zebras at sunset. I was awakened by baboons. BABOONS!
Plenty of pics on FB and Instagram, if you're interested.

Sultry in September is wrapping up! Looking forward to another rousing round of stories, but sad that I'm only participating in a mod capacity-- it's a bit of a downer to only be able to play administratively.

There aren't enough hours in a day. I'm scrambling to finish local documentation for the "new" (ok, I've been playing with it since the 1.0 release) archival software-- drafting tech specs is actually something I enjoy, and it's the closest thing to "Writing" I've been able to muster in nearly a year. 2.5 years in and I'm still not convinced that moving into management has improved my life. Well, it has improved my horse-life tenfold, but my fantasy life is a desiccated husk of its former self, and I didn't realize just how heavily I depended on it for my sanity.

The current plan is to finish up the outstanding commentfics I solicited a while back, and then maybe make myself some sort of trope bingo card. I can only bash things out in fits and starts, so Ionnath remains on hold, dammit. I'd like to try a couple of Bucky/Steve drabblets... we'll see. I can't believe Ionnath is just withering on the vine, though... I keep a file full of notes and inspirations, but don't have time to develop them.

The horses are good, except that Artie somehow ripped a big hole in his face and just got the staples out this week. I had to take the caveson off his bridle while it healed, and I bought him a beaded brow band in South Africa, so now we do our dressage while he looks like the little QH cow pony he really is. Zetti is in fighting form, 19 going on 9, spooking BIG at sprinklers and motorcycles... He had been getting some supplementary sweet feed over the summer because he lost some weight, but I think it's safe to say we can end that little regimen now. I nearly bailed on him over the weekend when his spooking and bucking reached epic proportions... I was finally able to channel it into the most gorgeous trot I think I've ever gotten from him-- truly exquisite!-- but then he snorted, passaged, and side-passed all the way back to his paddock and I had one of those humbling moments where I had to acknowledge that if he really wanted to get me off and bolt, there's not a damn thing I could do about it. It's a good thing he was only 85% committed to losing me! :D

Got an email from a rare books dealer today offering me a 1st ed. copy of the Silmarillion for $250. I declined. But my work life and fantasy life are officially intertwined!

TL;DR: I miss you guys, I miss writing, life is busy.
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