Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,

Gift fics and Art! I have been remiss!

My, how time flies, and I have been really negligent in promoting some really wonderful gifts that I received quite a while ago!

The Chocolate Box exchange was delightful-- perfect for someone like me who isn't capable of committing to longer works right now.

I was lucky enough to receive not one but TWO gifts!  First, there is the phenominal story Hunger by Sath. It is Éowyn/Tar-Míriel, and a followup to her original Éowyn/Tar-Míriel fic (which totally turned me on to the idea of Tar-Míriel-as-Witchking idea) Not By The Hand of Man.

I was also gifted with a beautiful drawing of Glorfindel and Ecthelion by lynndyre! It is absolutely delightful! I encourage you to visit the original post on AO3 to fawn over her skill!  I love that they're having a moment of joy... these two always break my heart.

Meanwhile, I'm still accepting requests for commentfic! keiliss, ysilme and jaiden_s, yours are coming up!
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