Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,


Doing all the matching for AinA has whet my appetite for writing... and yet, I am realistic as to what I can reasonable accomplish. With that in mind, I would like to attempt some commentfic.  Within the Tolkien realm (that's the only fandom in which my brain can possibly focus at the moment) please comment for any sort of mini-scenario (emphasis on the word MINI), a snippet of dialogue, a description, or some other BITE-SIZED thing you would like me to [briefly] elaborate on. Slash, Gen, Femmeslash, any time era.

PLEASE keep your expectations low... Work takes up 90% of my mental energy, and the horses (yes, that's plural now!) take up 90% of my physical energy. I really *want* to write, but life is pulling me in other directions right now... I PROMISE to write at least ONE SENTENCE for every comment.  Public accountability is helpful to me (even though I have failed in the past...).

I am going to attempt to knock these out as quickly as possible-- little to no proofreading/editing/fretting/second-guessing myself/perfectionism/strict adherance to my own personal headcanon. I'm trying to expand my mind!

Thanks, guys! 
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