Kenaz (kenazfiction) wrote,

Kurt Vonnegut: The Universal Shapes of Stories

More later. I have to see a mechanic about my passenger mirror. I've been a car owner for 2 weeks and a cement pillar in a parking garage jumped out of the shadows and hit it. Completely killed it. :P

I *hate* this car. It is about as maneuverable and fuel-efficient as a Sherman Tank. If you had asked me to list 100 cars that I wanted, it would appear somewhere in the high eighties, perhaps just a few notches above a Cadillac Escalade with vanity plates, tinted windows, and spinners.  But beggars can't be choosers. I must learn to adjust my expectations, get the damn thing registered in CA (which I can't do until I replace the mirror), and then trade it in for something more appropriate to my needs.  I will at least be able to take the express bus to work… maybe if it just becomes my barn-car and grocery-getter and stops being my commuter vehicle, I won't hate it so much.

Also need to go back to Target, suck it up, and buy a folding chair to sit on. I trash-picked a tiny little desk which will make do until I find a "real" desk that I both like and can afford (my beautiful 1950's steel case tanker is back home!) and P. ships out my fancy, comfortable, ergonomic task chair.

Anyhoo, watch the video. it's even better than the infographics.
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