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Note: Ionnath-Estel (The Sons of Hope) is currently offline for completion and revisions.


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FanFic100: 100 Tales

100 Tales

December 2005: I claimed this table in FF100 with the intention of writing 100 drabbles or ficlets about Gondolin.

December 2012: SEVEN FRIGGING YEARS LATER years later, I've written...nine.

In an earnest attempt to develop a more regular writing habit, I am going to reinstate this table, but will be eliminating the Gondolin restriction. These prompts will hopefully cover a wide variety of fandoms, or may even include original writing outside of any fandoms.  Here's to hoping there will be more stories, however small, in 2013.
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A solid take.

When I was a kid, Cracked magazine was considered kind of a mediocre knock-off of Mad magazine... juvenile humor and pop culture parodies. Yet somehow, in the 21st century, it has reinvented itself as a sort of hotbed of Millennial think pieces. This one was floating around my FB yesterday, so I decided to read it. And it really, really resonated with me, so I'm sharing it with y'all.

I was born and raised in the midwest and am only one generation removed from the farm. What I perceived as small minds and intolerance and the cruelty toward and mistrust of anything that could be construed as "Other" were what sent me screaming out of my hometown and into New York City as soon as I finished high school. The fact that I have only visited my home state 3 times in a quarter-century (one of those times being for a funeral) speaks volumes about how alienated I felt from the place I was born. But when I read this article, I saw in it SO MANY members of my family, of my neighbors, from the dead or dying coal and steel towns my friends and I were all running from. I admit that I have been guilty of occasionally looking down my nose at the "rubes" I had grown up with... and now I am paying the price. Those of us who live in big cities or well-manicured suburbs have ignored the fears of a whole lot of Americans-- some of those fears are simplistic, misguided, or even utterly reprehensible... but some of them are absolutely, positively REAL--and we have ignored them to our peril.

I don't agree with everything in this piece, and some of you might not agree at all, but I think it's worth a read and does give some perspective to the reality we are now stuck with.

How Half of America Lost it's Fucking Mind - Cracked Magazine

Dear Trick or Treat Writer:

If it wasn't for these mini-exchanges, I'd never write anything!

Tropes/kinks I tend to like: angst, hurt/comfort, trust issues and/or jealousy, betrayal or perceived betrayal, altered states of the mind, unreliable narrators, mind control or mind games, friends-to-lovers, snark, court politics and intrigue, witty banter/snappy dialogue, redemtive arcs...and did I mention trust issues? Love those.

Tropes/kinks that are NOT my thing: mundane AU, high school/coffee shop AU, kidfic, gender swaps, unadulterated fluff and schmoop (though happy endings and happily-for-now are fine!), crack (unless specified for a specific prompt), extreme kink (unless specified for a specific prompt)

DNWs: underage, A/B/O stuff, scat or other bodily-function play (not under any circumstances, please!), graphic descriptions of torture/violence/gore/injury, mpreg, or grown-ass men acting like sulky teenage girls.

My requests...

Marvel Comics Universe
I'm fine with pretending Civil War didn't happen and extending The Search for Bucky Barnes that begins after Winter Soldier indefinitely. I'm new to the fandom so I'm not a stickler for canon.

Bucky & Natasha
I want to see Natasha trying to figure Bucky out, either post-Winter Soldier or pre/during Civil War. Your story does not have to comply with the Marvel Comics canon (i.e. The Winter Soldier and the Black Widow trained together and had a relationship in the USSR), but it can if you think it is useful. I am a Steve/Bucky shipper, so if you do want to use the Black Widow/Winter Soldier past relationship theme, please don't carry it into the present for this story as I'm much more interested in them trying to forge a friendship than a romantic relationship. Hey, I don't know... maybe Natasha has been carrying a torch for him but he's been wiped so many times he doesn't remember her and only remembers Steve... maybe she's convinced he's still trying to kill Steve because she knows what kind of things HYDRA and the Soviets did to people... anything exploring their tentative, awkward, suspicious dance toward friendship-- even if it doesn't quite get all the way to friendship-- is great!
Bucky & Thor or Steve & Thor or Steve & Bucky & Thor....BUDDYFIC!!! :D
C'mon, I mean... Thor is the epitome of Hail Fellow Well Met! The other Avengers might not be ready to trust Bucky, but Thor is totally willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and makes Grand Overtures of Friendship that poor, shell-shocked Bucky finds a little overwhelming. Or Thor wants to help Steve try and find Bucky and wants to understand their relationship. Or the three of them have an adventure! Maybe there's beer involved, or a pit stop at some weird roadside attraction/dive bar. It doesn't have to be crack (but in this case, it totally can be), I just dont want it to be angsty. Whatever the setting, I like my Thor to be amiable and magnanimous (if sometimes a little LOUD and OVER THE TOP), my Bucky to be "bloody-but-unbowed"-- he's broken, but not beyond fixing-- and my Steve to be a Good Man who's trying really hard to Do the Right Thing. This can be sometime post-Civil War or I'm happy to pretend Civil War didn't happen and have The Extended Search for Bucky Barnes that begins after Winter Soldier instead. I'm new to the fandom so I'm not a stickler for canon.  :)
Bucky / Brock Rumlow
Ok, I am *reeeeeallly* stepping out of my comfort zone for this one, but hey-- that's what these things are for, right? I guess what I'm aiming for is Brock trying to see just how compliant the Winter Soldier is. Maybe even seeing if he can get the Winter Soldier to... well...Bucky Barnes is still in there, though, and there's only so much a man can take before he snaps. Maybe he nearly kills Brock, maybe he turns the tables on him. Either way, Brock doesn't get what he wants. Or at least not enough of what he wants to justify the beating (or punishment from Pierce, or humilation, or whatever reckoning you choose) that he gets from it. PLEASE NOTE: Dub-con is obviously necessary, but please stop it short of rape. The Winter Soldier may feel like he has no choice but to obey an order, but Bucky's still in there somewhere, and frankly, he'd rather die fighting than let someone like Brock get what they want. Drugs, mind games/mind control, power dynamics, daddy kink...obviously this one goes to darker places than my other requests. Do what you need to do, short of rape and graphic descriptions of torture/violence/gore/injury.

Stranger Things
Adventurefic with the kids! I don't really have any preferences in this department-- write or create whatever you want. I love all the kids, but Dustin and Eleven are my particular favorites. I really haven't chased down fanwork in this fandom yet, other than seeing a few great pieces of fanart on Tumblr, so I really have no preconceived notions about what should be covered here, or any particular gaps that I want to see filled. And I don't have a personal headcanon-- I just like the kids a lot, and would like to see your interpretation of them, funny or scary, art or fic, adventure or character sketch. Anything goes!

The Simarilion
Something in Doriath or Gondolin. In Doriath, gen or Mablung/Beleg; in Gondolin, gen or Glorfindel/Ecthelion. Buddyfic, Battlefic, Adventurefic, TheEndIsNigh!Fic, Elven politicking and subtle machinations, courtly manners, character sketches, subtle foreshadowings of how things will end... really, anything goes here. You could also write other characters from Gondolin or Doriath if you prefer, even if they weren't nominated for this exchange (I won't tell!)... I just ask that Beleg/Turin *not* be the center of the story if you pair them at all. I feel like I've already read and written a lot in that direction, so would be interested in reading other things. No explicit sex in this fandom, please. R rating is fine.

I'm easy to please, so I'm sure I will be happy with anything you have to offer! :D

Sultry in September is here!

Aglarien wrote Travelers in the Wild for Ignoblebard
alexcat wrote Right on Target for phyncke
Amy Fortuna wrote Escape from Bondage for maitimiel
Amy Fortuna wrote Forging Victory for Scribe_of_Mirrormere
Angelstar3999 wrote Harvest Lyrics for Nuredhel
Azzy wrote A Game of Madmen for Memaizaka
BurningNightingale wrote No Armor Against Fate for moetushie
catalectic wrote Beings Brighter Than Have Been for Kalendeer
Chaotic_binky wrote Falling for You for Neiroel
Cirilla9 wrote The Elven Kings Under the Sky for alexcat
Deathangelgw wrote Silence at the Library for Mawgy
DaydreamBelieversDaughter wrote Spirits of Fire for Cirilla9
Elleth wrote And Last of All for The Wavesinger
Ignoblebard wrote Lovely, Dark and Deep for lynndyre
Jade/ElladansGirl wrote Planned Comfort for Angelstar3999
IdleLeaves wrote Full Circle for Marchwriter
just_jenni wrote For the Greater Good for mahmfic /MM8
Kalendeer wrote Souls of Cinder for Sleepless_Malice (this is an epic work in progress!)
Luxa wrote The Heat of a Common Room for Zinneth
lynndyre wrote A Foundation on Which to Build for Nuinzilien
mahmfic /MM8 wrote I've held many things in my hand, and have lost them all for monkiainen
maitimiel wrote A Forest Tale for Elleth
mangacrack wrote King's Landing for Azzy
Marchwriter West of the Dark, East of the Sun for just_jenni
Mawgy wrote I See You for Samtyr
Memaizaka wrote We Never Lost Control for DaydreamBelieversDaughter
monkiainen wrote Let's Walk Along the Wire for TAFKAB
Neiroel wrote Human Customs for Aglarien
Nuinzilien wrote Let Them Eat Cake for Luxa
Nuredhel wrote Wolves and Water for Jade/Elladansgirl
phyncke wrote Dead Man's Party for catalectic
samtyr wrote The Hidden Path for BurningNightingale
Scribe_of_Mirrormere wrote Hatching a Plan for Amy Fortuna
Sleepless_Malice wrote Metamorphoses for Urloth
TAFKAB wrote Well Met by Moonlight for Deathangelgw
Urloth wrote The Warmth He Gave for mangacrack
The Wavesinger wrote Aftermath for IdleLeaves
Zinneth wrote Ashes for Chaotic_binky

Welcome TAFKAB and Kalendeer to the Slashy Santa Swaps family!

Moetushie was unable to complete her assignment. Thank you, Amy Fortuna for stepping in to pinch hit!

Thanks for being a great bunch of enthusiastic participants-- please be sure to THANK YOUR WRITER and enjoy all the other wonderful stories written for Sultry in September!

Beta request for newbie Tolkien writer

Hi LJ friends!

This week, the Slashy Santa account received an email from a writer who has just started in the Tolkien fandom, but who has already completed an 80k-word Haldir/Legolas story and is looking for an LOTR-friendly beta. I told her I'd throw her request out here to see if anyone is game. I know nothing about the writer or the story, other than the size and pairing. She has a couple of stories in other fandoms under the penname Devi the Wynter Wytch.
If anyone is interested in taking a crack at it, let me know and I'll put you in touch!

Thanks, ignoblebard! :D

OMG, I miss writing.
And I miss all of *YOU*. And being an active participant in Fandom.

SA and Botswana were amazing. Probably the most amazing thing I've ever done. I swam with my horse in a lake with hippos. I napped in a hammock while a bushbuck grazed at my feat and a vervet monkey threw pieces of bark at my head. I mean, COME ON. I got to recite Morning Resh on the edge of the earth at sunrise, and drink gin and tonics in the company of zebras at sunset. I was awakened by baboons. BABOONS!
Plenty of pics on FB and Instagram, if you're interested.

Sultry in September is wrapping up! Looking forward to another rousing round of stories, but sad that I'm only participating in a mod capacity-- it's a bit of a downer to only be able to play administratively.

There aren't enough hours in a day. I'm scrambling to finish local documentation for the "new" (ok, I've been playing with it since the 1.0 release) archival software-- drafting tech specs is actually something I enjoy, and it's the closest thing to "Writing" I've been able to muster in nearly a year. 2.5 years in and I'm still not convinced that moving into management has improved my life. Well, it has improved my horse-life tenfold, but my fantasy life is a desiccated husk of its former self, and I didn't realize just how heavily I depended on it for my sanity.

The current plan is to finish up the outstanding commentfics I solicited a while back, and then maybe make myself some sort of trope bingo card. I can only bash things out in fits and starts, so Ionnath remains on hold, dammit. I'd like to try a couple of Bucky/Steve drabblets... we'll see. I can't believe Ionnath is just withering on the vine, though... I keep a file full of notes and inspirations, but don't have time to develop them.

The horses are good, except that Artie somehow ripped a big hole in his face and just got the staples out this week. I had to take the caveson off his bridle while it healed, and I bought him a beaded brow band in South Africa, so now we do our dressage while he looks like the little QH cow pony he really is. Zetti is in fighting form, 19 going on 9, spooking BIG at sprinklers and motorcycles... He had been getting some supplementary sweet feed over the summer because he lost some weight, but I think it's safe to say we can end that little regimen now. I nearly bailed on him over the weekend when his spooking and bucking reached epic proportions... I was finally able to channel it into the most gorgeous trot I think I've ever gotten from him-- truly exquisite!-- but then he snorted, passaged, and side-passed all the way back to his paddock and I had one of those humbling moments where I had to acknowledge that if he really wanted to get me off and bolt, there's not a damn thing I could do about it. It's a good thing he was only 85% committed to losing me! :D

Got an email from a rare books dealer today offering me a 1st ed. copy of the Silmarillion for $250. I declined. But my work life and fantasy life are officially intertwined!

TL;DR: I miss you guys, I miss writing, life is busy.

Back for a moment

Yeah, yeah, I went off radar again. I've had 2 more conferences, some difficult human resource issues at work (I'm confident in my ability to manage projects, but still find it hard to navigate the PEOPLE issues... Someone's spouse passed away, a person wasn't upfront with me about the status of a grant-funded project, someone working with the registrar got a case of "loose lips" about the price of some acquisitions...) so there were a lot of fires to put out.

P. Has busted his butt in the Guillermo Del Toro exhibition at LACMA and it is SPECTACULAR. If you are anywhere close to LA and like GDT's work, please come see it. It has props, costumes, models and concept art for all of his films, but also parts of his own art collection! He is an avid collector of art, ephemera, memorabilia, and books in the realm of horror, the occult, fantasy, victoriana, "freaks," and other spooky themes. He calls his house "Bleak House"-- one of P's tasks was to recreate GDT's Storm window: he has a room in Bleak House where the window looks like it's perpetually dark and stormy all the time. It's exceptionally well-done and I'm glad P got a chance to flex his creative muscles instead of just his tech muscles. GDT was apparently a delight to work with, engaged and enthusiastic and appreciative. I got to go to the opening, and he was there, being incredibly gracious with fans and posing for lots of pictures. I didn't approach him-- I find those things uncomfortable. Ron Perlman was also there, and equally accessible to people. He's much shorter than I would have imagined. I actually hung out with GDT's daughters and their friends for a while because we were the last ones there, waiting for our respective family members to finish working. They were bright, funny, eager to chat, and vaguely embarrassed by their dad's popularity-- in short, incredibly normal! :)

Now I'm on vacation and this is my last night with wifi (or electricity!) for two weeks! On the planes, I watched all 3 Captain America flicks and am now converted to Bucky/Steve. Clearly, I have a lot of fics to catch up on-- any recs?? Particularly post-Winter Soldier gap fillers dealing with Bucky's memory returning and PTSD and angst? These things push all my buttons!!!

I have not forgotten about the outstanding commentfics I still owe! Keiliss's is almost done! And I need to read and respond to hhimring's comment fic for me! I may be an absentee participant, but fandom and my fan-friends are never far from my heart!

Once again, I'll pimp my Instagram account-- username Kenaz. It seems to be easier for me to take pictures of my life than to write at present.

Hope you all are well. I miss you. I really do!

Gift fics and Art! I have been remiss!

My, how time flies, and I have been really negligent in promoting some really wonderful gifts that I received quite a while ago!

The Chocolate Box exchange was delightful-- perfect for someone like me who isn't capable of committing to longer works right now.

I was lucky enough to receive not one but TWO gifts!  First, there is the phenominal story Hunger by Sath. It is Éowyn/Tar-Míriel, and a followup to her original Éowyn/Tar-Míriel fic (which totally turned me on to the idea of Tar-Míriel-as-Witchking idea) Not By The Hand of Man.

I was also gifted with a beautiful drawing of Glorfindel and Ecthelion by lynndyre! It is absolutely delightful! I encourage you to visit the original post on AO3 to fawn over her skill!  I love that they're having a moment of joy... these two always break my heart.

Meanwhile, I'm still accepting requests for commentfic! keiliss, ysilme and jaiden_s, yours are coming up!


Doing all the matching for AinA has whet my appetite for writing... and yet, I am realistic as to what I can reasonable accomplish. With that in mind, I would like to attempt some commentfic.  Within the Tolkien realm (that's the only fandom in which my brain can possibly focus at the moment) please comment for any sort of mini-scenario (emphasis on the word MINI), a snippet of dialogue, a description, or some other BITE-SIZED thing you would like me to [briefly] elaborate on. Slash, Gen, Femmeslash, any time era.

PLEASE keep your expectations low... Work takes up 90% of my mental energy, and the horses (yes, that's plural now!) take up 90% of my physical energy. I really *want* to write, but life is pulling me in other directions right now... I PROMISE to write at least ONE SENTENCE for every comment.  Public accountability is helpful to me (even though I have failed in the past...).

I am going to attempt to knock these out as quickly as possible-- little to no proofreading/editing/fretting/second-guessing myself/perfectionism/strict adherance to my own personal headcanon. I'm trying to expand my mind!

Thanks, guys!